How to Redeem - Netflix

Just redeemed your first Netflix Gift Card but don't know how to redeem it?
Follow this simple tutorial and you will have your Netflix Gift Card redeemed in no time!

First, navigate to the  My Rewards section located under the Spend Points category.

Under the 🎁 My Rewards tab, you will see your redeemed Netflix Gift Card. Click on the reward and you will be redirected to a page with your reward information. Select the View button to reveal your Netflix Gift Card code.

Once you have clicked View, your Netflix Gift Card code will be available for you to copy.
Copy your code and follow the steps below in order to redeem it successfully.

Once copied, head over to and enter your provided Netflix Gift Card Code.

Hit Redeem and your Gift Card balance will be added to your Netflix account, it's that simple!
Want another Netflix Gift Card? Earn more points and repeat the process - enjoy!

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