How do I earn points?

Complete Offers - Do you play games, download apps or watch videos? Of course you do, everyone does! That's why not only is completing offers our most popular way of earning rewards, but our most recommended.

Watch Videos - Watching videos is our easiest way of earning rewards as it's quick and can also be treated as a background task. We allow you to leave the video playing in the background, come back and collect your points!

Redeem Cash Codes - Everyone loves free points and by redeeming our Cash Codes you can earn yourself a free amount of bonus points too! After redeeming a Cash Code you can also get double the amount of points for any offer you complete within the hour from redeeming the code. New Cash Codes are available two days a week and can be found on our social medias or by signing up to our mailing list.

Completing Challenges - Earn a bonus amount of points for completing a specific amount of offers within a day or a week by using our challenges system. Learn more about challenges here.

Inviting Friends - Earn a free percentage for the offers and tasks that your friends complete by using our referral system. Learn more about inviting friends here.

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