I completed a task but didn't receive my points. Help!

If you completed an offer or survey from one of our partners but didn't receive your points, the fastest way to receive credit is to contact their support team directly. Most offer walls have a link to contact support at the top of the offer wall.

The most common reasons for members not receiving their points are:

  • Having a VPN enabled whilst completing the offer.
  • Having an ad blocker enabled whilst completing the offer.
  • Not following the instructions of the offer correctly, please make sure you double check this before contacting us or the offer wall.
  • Completing the task before whether that be on our website or another. This doesn't apply to all tasks.

Some offers usually indicate the amount of time it will take in order for your points to be credited, for example, some offers may say points will be added 30 days after completing the task. For other cases, we recommend allowing up to a minimum of 7 days before contacting us or the offer wall providers about missing points. You may also need to provide proof of offer completion so make sure you take screenshots while completing the offer and keep any emails or receipts sent to you.

To contact offer wall providers, head over to the wall that you completed the task on and click the support button at the top of the wall. If you cannot find how to contact an offer wall provider, feel free to contact us to get some help with direction.

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