What is my Claim Balance?

Your Claim Balance allows you to redeem any reward from our reward selection that's within the amount of your USD Balance, for free. If the reward you're aiming for is in a different region, the reward will only show if the amount in your USD Claim Balance is more or equal to the currency converted amount for that region.

You can increase your Claim Balance by 

  • Inviting friends who complete offers that are highlighted in green from our featured offers section - you can find our featured offers on our earn page. You must invite friends using your unique referral link which can be found on our invite friends page.
  • Winning competitions or contests on our website, or our social media pages.

Below is an example of some of our green offers that are required to be completed by your invite in order to have your $5 USD Bonus added to your Claim Balance. 

Each invite will only be required to complete 1 green featured offer to have the bonus applied to your balance. There are a wide range of easy tasks available for completion under our featured offers section.

You will know when you have rewards available to be claimed from your Claim Balance via a small blue box above our featured offers section on our earn page.

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